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Windows 2012 End-of-Life

On October 10, 2023, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 will go end-of-life. This means that Microsoft will no longer provide software updates. Any bugs or compatibility issues discovered from then on will not be fixed. The bigger issue is that security vulnerabilities will not be patched. If threat actors discover a vulnerability …

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Planning for Wi-Fi 6E

Wi-Fi 6E opens up access to the 6GHz band (Wi-Fi 6 uses 5GHz) and with it a myriad of benefits including low latency, 3 times as many Wi-Fi channels, and the capacity for much higher bandwidth. Another key benefit is that devices like cordless phones, airport radar, perimeter sensors, and digital satellite don’t interfere with …

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Common myths (and facts) about open source

“For some companies, the idea of adopting open-source software doesn’t seem viable. There are many myths about open source, but the truth is that it can facilitate security, be easy to maintain and integrate, and scale to whatever heights you require.

Whether you’re concerned about security, maintenance, or compatibility, open source can open up a world of possibilities for companies across all industries.

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Why You Need an Open Source Software Strategy

We know that software developers use open-source software to confront major technological challenges, and that it’s critical to have a strategy in place that governs its use. If open source is new to you, find some recommendations on how to build a strategy and take a staggered approach to enter into this collaborative digital landscape.

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Microsoft customer story for Sport Clips

Sport Clips wanted to meet their customers’ expectations for more digital interaction in ways their aging software didn’t support. Watch this video about how Microsoft Surface devices now create a seamless experience in their 1,700 stores. Contact Micro Technology Solutions Inc to learn more.

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Surface Hub 2S: Teamwork without boundaries

With more work being done remotely, Microsoft Surface and partner devices keep your team securely connected with the best experience of Teams and Microsoft 365. Read this article and contact Micro Technology Solutions Inc to learn more.

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Solution overview video

Surface and partner devices from Microsoft allow your workforce to connect in the office, from the classroom, or on the go with the best experience of Teams and Microsoft 365. Check out this video highlighting more features and benefits, and contact Micro Technology Solutions Inc to learn more.

Bertrandt’s HARRI is a self-driving success, thanks to Microsoft Azure

Maps that precisely plot road signs, traffic lights, lanes, and sidewalks within a few centimeters—that’s the sort of data-intensive information required to make Bertrandt’s self-driving car project HARRI a reality. And it took Microsoft Azure Services to tame the tremendous flood of data needed to drive HARRI, as a small map’s worth of data with this level of detail would overwhelm the vehicle’s on-board storage capabilities. Azure DevOps facilitated the creation of the exacting software for this solution by coordinating the work of development, operations, and quality assurance teams.

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Welcome to Microsoft 365 and Surface Ebook

The modern workplace is evolving. Surface and partner devices allow your workforce to connect in the office, from the classroom, or on the go. Designed from the ground-up to ensure the best experience of Teams and Microsoft 365, Surface keeps people connected, productive, and satisfied – wherever they are. Check out this eBook to learn more.