Micro Technology Solutions Inc

"MTSI has consistently given our business top-of-the-line service since the early 2000’s – always keeping us ahead on new technology while keeping a close friendly relationship with our employees and their computing needs. I especially like the fact that they are pro-active, and use their tools to prevent problems from occurring in the first place – rather than waiting to deal with problems after the fact.

MTSI brings a wide range of technical experience, and certified professionals to our business allowing them to support all of our IT needs onsite and off. Their team is reliable, timely, and a pleasure to work with.

They have done a great job in helping us formulate and implement our overall technology strategy. The technology and network assessment uncovered numerous opportunities to improve security, stability and general best practices in our IT operating environment. Their security, network, hardware, software and email technology support receive consistently high marks from our employees. Their responsiveness and effectiveness are critical to our operations.

Outstanding customer service! They always deliver what they promised and more. "
"MT Solutions has helped us achieve excellent system uptime and reliability. Their engineers are proactive in implementing an IT plan that meets our current needs and takes our future growth into consideration as well. The engineers and on-site techs are knowledgeable, practical and trustworthy. Thank you, MTS for your expertise in securing, expanding and maintaining our computer network."
"MTSi has a great response time, and friendly and courteous staff. I value their ability to explain our agency’s needs, by simplifying the complexities of information technology. It has been great to work with a local community partner to meet our IT needs."
"MTSI staffs true professionals! They installed a phone system at our radio station and it was a flawless process. You can definitely rely on MTSI for all of your technology needs."
"MTS has a really great team of people! Very responsive & helpful when needed"
“Have been doing business with MTSI of 18 years so I stopped in at the new facility and I can see the commitment to being able to meet my needs over the next 18 years. We at Riverside Art have used MTSI to supply equipment and solve issues with our cross-platform challenges since April 1999.”
“We have had MTSI as our IT service provider for many years now. They are a great team of people to work with. They are professional, courteous, prompt, and we can always count on them to be there to save the day. I would highly recommend them.”
“Micro Technology is a great company for all of your computer support technology. Whether you have them to host your emails, off-site storage or just for PC upgrades and support, they do it all. We have found the support team very responsive whenever we had a problem with our PCs or server. If there is someone who is having trouble determining a problem, they will resource another tech’s assistance in order to resolve the issue. Very thorough, very responsive. We’ve hired other companies prior to MTS and none of them can compare to their service. We are 100% satisfied customer!”
“I have been working with Jesse for 15 years and have considered him an amazing wealth of knowledge and a friend. I have known almost all who have worked at MT Solutions but this group is the best so far. They are there when you need them and prompt service calls are part of the SOP. They can be as technical or as plain English as needed. Thanks guys and girls.”
“Jesse and his staff always go out of their way to resolve issues and come up with solutions for growth. I couldn’t be happier. We have been a customer for 14 years.”
“We have been working with MTS for over 10 years now. They are very responsive to our issues. I have recommended them to our clients also. It is a great crew with highly personalized service!”
“We have been working with MTSI for around 3 years and they have helped us very much with our technology in our business including every day monitoring of our network and network devices.”
“Jesse and his team have been fabulous. Very responsive to our business needs, many times on short notice! Professional and always courteous. I would highly recommend this firm.”
“We have been working with MTSI for over 6 years now and are very impressed with their quality of work, knowledge and expertise in all areas of IT. All project requests are handled with a prompt turnaround time. We highly recommend MTSI for all of your IT needs.”