Micro Technology Solutions Inc.

Second Annual Exclusive Private Movie Premiere

On April 27th, MTSi hosted an Exclusive Private Movie Premiere of the Avengers End Game at the Picture Show in Fall River, MA. This is the second year that we have done this type of event and each year it proves to get better and better.  As the movie portrays different teams coming together to collaborate on solving a problem, MTSi hopes to collaborate with their clients and there IT teams to solve issues they may be having with technology in their business.

Here is some feedback of the event from one of our clients:

“I can confidently say it was the most fun event I’ve ever been to!  It was also nice that it was a family-friendly event.  The venue itself was clean and comfortable and the freebies were a nice treat. 

My son (Jack, 10 years old) thought it was “Awesome!” He loved the freebies and was so excited to win the Funco Pop door prize because “he hardly ever wins!” “It was worth staying up for [on a school night]!”

Aside from that, the movie was epic – of course.  It’s Marvel. 

Thanks so much for hosting us!!”

– Cristal, Data/Private Care Support Specialist, Community Nurse Home Care