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MTSi and Cisco Present: Zero Trust and Meraki Solutions at Top Golf

Convention - Academic conference

Eric Shain, our Cisco Territory Account Manager, spoke about Meraki and Zero Trust. He discussed Meraki’s ascendance from a startup, to their acquisition by Cisco, to now a firm with over 14 million active devices currently in use. Eric showed the wide range of products in the Meraki lineup including enterprise grade access points, cameras, switches and a variety of sensors and other devices.

Attendees learned about Meraki cloud management to enable work from anywhere. We discussed Zero Touch Provisioning, which allows configuration of devices in the cloud. Attendees also learned how DUO can assure users are who they say they are with multi-factor authentication and it can also validate devices against corporate standards for patching and software versions. Meraki and Umbrella work together to protect users wherever they are from accessing malicious content on the web.

Josh Branco talked about MTSi’s capabilities to implement cyber security tools and showed the audience how easy it is to authenticate via the DUO mobile application. He shared the story of a client who called to complain that they could not access a site they needed for business use. The client was quite upset that they were being blocked, but it turns out that the site had been compromised and Umbrella protected them from harmful malware before they even accessed the site. Another client had issues with Wi-fi because they accommodated large numbers of visitors. A Meraki wireless installation handled their heavy load of Wi-fi traffic without a hiccup.

Finally, we played Top Score, Top Golf and Angry Birds. The games were fun for all regardless of skill level. We did have a few attendees who really excelled and they walked away with some great MTSi swag.

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