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Anti-Virus Service Ending July 1, 2023

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Anti-Virus Service Ending July 1, 2023

Since 2013, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) has been
gaining popularity as a means of protecting against viruses and other
cyberattacks. MTSi has been transitioning customers from anti-virus to EDR over the last few years and in July 2023, will no longer be providing anti-virus service.

Why discontinue anti-virus?

Anti-virus relies on signatures to identify files that carry known viruses. Anti-virus offers little to no protection against new threats or threats that are not transmitted in a file. In the modern threat landscape, anti-virus products offer users a false sense of security, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

Why is EDR better?

EDR monitors behaviors on a system for indications of
trouble. If a program or some code in memory does something that seems risky, EDR will monitor and even shut the process down. EDR can also quarantine a device from the network completely until the threat is removed. Because EDR monitors computer behavior instead of signature files, it adapts seamlessly to new attacks.

How do I switch?

If you are currently using anti-virus to protect your endpoints, please reach out to our sales team. They can also assist with your questions about other cybersecurity technologies like multi-factor authentication, DNS filtering, and security awareness training.