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Managed Services

Our solutions offer you the chance to maintain a higher level of reliability and efficiency. Our current economic climate has forced companies to take a harder look at managing there IT needs and budgets. Our managed service offering helps do just that.

Qualified & Certified technicians or engineers at Micro Technology Solutions will diagnose your problem, install new equipment, and handle all of your service needs.

We take a pro-active response to your network needs. Rather than wait for a disaster we take a complete audit of the equipment onsite and provide on-going maintenance on regularly scheduled intervals to decrease the chance of equipment failure.

MTSi is using the latest technology to proactively manage, monitor and maintain your network resources. With tools that can proactively manage and monitor your network environment you can worry less about your network and focus on your business.

Managed Services Features

  • 24x7 Monitoring and Alerting
  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • Managed Antivirus/Antispyware Software
  • Server/PC Health Monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Automatic Resolution Scripting

Our team of experts are ready to help answer your questions, provide a quote or schedule a meeting.

Call: 508.324.9475 / 1.800.967.2159

Remote Backups
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"We have been working with MTSI for around 3 years and they have helped us very much with our technology in our business including every day monitoring of our network and network devices."

-Mike Brangwynne, Rt. 44 Hyundai

Managed AV
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